So, with the week months and years that have passed the progress that ive made is garabage. I havent got much done or much to show.
Ive never been able to keep myself going. I aways get destracted and dont work that hard. I expect things to be done but dont put in the work to do it. I get scared and of  the size of work and avoid it, and do other things.
Because of which I am a part of several projects, projects in which I still do the same thing. Have a buring fire all of a sudden to do X, then I start doing X and then I get bored and avoid it unless some one is behind me to nag or motivate me.
It happens with everything_ eating, working, gaming, hobies, or just trying in genneral.
As a person, im a horrible person. I define what like to call active lazyness. People say that owing up to you sortcomings is the first step but for me thats all i do. I know Im in a whole i'll state that im in a whole and i'll attempt to get out of the whole but if it doesnt work within the next few days then im spent and i'll  remain in the whole.
This is who i am and it sucks.

So, why blab all this to the internet. For one I suppoese i can still hide; every one on the internet is still faceless. People seem not to consider people people untill you acctually meet them, in a physical form of some sort. So its almost like talking to your favorite comfort object.

Secondly I wanna move to  fresh start, honestly I dont believe anyone is out there reading my notes blog's either. However if you are and may have been some what intrigued by my post... forget what you know.
I've recently started on my series GUI again much of the actors have left or are hard to reach and Im beside myself her. This show is sorta like a shot at redemption really, trying to acttually complete somthing. While I type this I know I should be working on one of the projects I that needs my attention, but ive been pushing it back in my lazy fassion.

so here is the update

I am working on GUI, as my whole trying to get better Ive trashed all my work all my scripts all my animation to start over. BUT this time I plan to have somthing out. Even if its just one epsiode I plan to work on this thing.
Ive opened face book page and i have twitter detailing what goes on with me. If i can make working a habbit who knows what else I can do.

But this series is happening expect some thing soon.

Some of you may have known that I have been working on a little (very ambitious) project called "GUI://> BlueScreen" and episode 1 has been in development hell for the last 2 years now. Finally I have the time again to put into this. Everything that you see is being done by me and since this will be my first completed animation I been running into speed bumps over and over and over, trying to figure out what is the best way of moving forward so I dont repeat this nightmare of taking 2 years for 1 ep. I once again like to thank all who are still here and a special thanks to my Musician and VA's (va's that probably think this project is dead) 

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO onward and upward. I hope to knock this out this summer! and show you what all this time has been spent on, but in the meantime here is as a preview pic again


Still Pre-Loading GUI:\\>

2014-03-24 01:55:23 by NeoNero7

Well its 2014 and "GUI:\\> BlueScreen" is still  in developement for the first episode. Im really looking forward to the debut of the series. The cool part about this being the first episode alows me to experiment with what works and what doesn't to animate this thing the way I want. Ive gone through a ton of setbacks including loss of drive and im despraratley in need of help for like Background artist and some extra animators but I'll press on. Sadly the down side of this experimentation is the fact that most of the voice team and sound guys think this is a dead project or that im dead or whatever, so recasting might be a later issue. : (  something I obviously wouldnt want to do, at all.

Thankfully im trying to get myself back to form, I just wish I had the compitence to keep up with the Twitter feeds like I should to keep the "fans" informed. And things like ... Rwby Production and the E-Depth Kickstarter have sparked the drive to just keep going, since its been wavering and difficult to keep going, since its never sure to know the impact that this series will give and the turns it may or may not take, but im totally confident in this.


2013-09-23 19:21:15 by NeoNero7

So, I'm still working on my project and there isn't not much to show, sadly. Recently I asked someone here on NG if I could help with their backgrounds for their series. Seeing as I need the practice to help me make BG's for my own stuff, since I have no background artist of my own to help me. I showed him/her the BG work ive done for my series. They never got back to me, it kinda upset me, especially since I support their work, and a "No" would have been way less unsettling than have to wonder will he/she get back to me (then have to stalk them to see if they came on NG to know if they've been away for a while or if they've been ducking you and you have to accept they're just not gonna reply back, lol). But in spite of all that, Ive propped myself up enough to make a Facebook page and a return to the @Tokyo7usa twitter page.. the Facebook hasn't launched yet but its gonna. (Once the banner is done)

As ambitious as this project is there no denying that its tough work. This is why large Studios with 200+ people make these stupid things. I'm just one guy with a dream, I'm doing All the Animation and BG's for a 28,000+ frame episode by myself at the moment, and this is a series. No matter how simple the animation is, it no easy task. Simple, maybe; but easy nooooooooo. Which is why I have to thank all these people.
Chiplock, Saab, Adachi, Buckland, Carswell, Croft, Airdrie, Kelly, Kim, Bunny, Wells, Studevant, Zantas, Willson, and any others I may have missed.
They believed in me enough to take a chance and agree to help me. (voices, music, advisory, etc...) I really appreciate it.

So to get to my point. I wanna start making updates on the project to get people well, interested. Nothings says interest like a trailer but I don't have time for that right now. Since this is the Series launch episode, it really difficult to do cause its the first one. Having no fan base at all and wondering how it will be received while making the dang thing can kill your drive easily, so many projects die that way. Its been 2years of development and it easy to want to call it quits. Buuuuuuuuuut im still moving. So check the Twitter page occasionally for updates and progress or just notes about the upcoming series.
and um here is a WiP shot from Episode 1


The Long road

2013-09-01 01:28:31 by NeoNero7

So its been a while, Im still working on my project after the crash and loss of much data, recovery is a huge problem, but what can you do. I still need a Background artist and I'm missing 1 voice of a minor role and I cant get a hold of any one, but its cool I'm still trying to reach my goal for episode 1.
I guess the debut of this series will take a while with all these problems but hopefully I can pick up the pace.
So here is A clip of my work space with a cityscape view of "HuB" a main city in my series.

Hope your looking forward to it as much as I am. Quality first... :P

The Long road

Back to Square 1

2013-05-02 12:28:57 by NeoNero7

Broken Laptop... and the latest back up is miles behind; fun


2013-02-05 04:28:12 by NeoNero7

What is Project GUI:\\>
Project GUI:\\> Story about a universe that centers around the most popular MMO in the world and the events that take place thereof in the year XX237. The first entry in the series is called GUI:\\> BlueScreen
What is GUI:\\> BlueScreen
GUI:\\> BlueScreen
is a Anime about a player who just joins only to learn about "It's all fun in games..."

Its been a year+ since Ive started Project GUI:\\> and its really been a handful. I'd like to say thanks to all those that have been waiting patiently; but since I'm an unknown at this point in time, the only people I expect anticipating the release of the first episode, are people who I'm already close to. (not many people leave comments)
I'm not even certain if my voice actors remember this thing. Most probably think, this was a yet another dropped project that they voiced for, like all those other "promising" projects that just never came to be.
Two of my voice talent has already vanished and sadly I don't even know their "names", and to what part they own.
Its all been a blur of voices in my head these days....

Well like i said its been a Year+
A year full of procrastination, random events, laziness, late nights, adjustments, tweaks and trying to just make things work together and make sense both visually and story wise. Animation on this 20min (28000+ frames) Animation began in early July of last year (2012). Now it's 7months later and I've not even covered 3 presentable minutes of animation (complete with lip sync and backgrounds); because I've been stuck on the same scene all this time. (how disappointing)

(Below is a test screen)
I wanted pull screen shot out directly from the animation to imitate a final product, but to me it doesn't look so good. Granted that's NOT the proper background and the shading is OFF, but I believe that the final will be better.

For those of you reading this, this far; I applaud you. All this negativity needs some good news, right? Right!?
However, I'm happy to say I finally got my but in gear and am trying harder than before to produce the first episode in the series, this year. If I work hard enough I think I can get this thing done in about 3 months; or less, and since this is the first entry in the series, the first animation I've ever done on a scale like this, the first animation I've ever put on NG or any internet site for that matter, And the first TANGIBLE story I've ever set out for people to be able to view at their convenience, you'll be happy to know I've already looked into the planning of Ep2 and dabbling here and there on future episodes. Since this is the first of the first the next few episodes shouldn't take as long since I've set up a pipe line and all.
If your expectations have dropped on Project GUI:\\> because of all of those first I've informed you of. Don't loose hope, I wont have a trailer but If I'm allowed to speak about it i think it will turn out pretty decent, for a "solo" produced Anime or FANIME as i now hear it is called. (since it amateur and all that cold gravy)

I've done my home work, and I'm pleased to see this vision finally start to rise from the dust. (Not an elysian tail.... but you should buy that game, just saying)

At this time I'd like to thank

Sonic Mega {V}
KagMast3r {V}
Ali Bunny {V}
Rina (Miz) Adachi {V}
Rina-chan {V}
DanteWahou {V}
Grant K {V}
DesoloZ {M}
ShadowFox2 {M}
StaticBlu {M}

For being part of Team T7 Thanks without them I'd be lost on this project.
And I'd like to thank whoever is reading this for your support.
I look forward to release, less filler updates, and your feedback.



2012-07-06 23:11:27 by NeoNero7

August is steadily approaching and i still haven't gotten my series done. Even so Ive actually made some strides in the last few months Ive gotten a voice cast together written a script and aiming for an August release date. Its so difficult though, I have no resources so far and I'm just hitting the grain out of pocket. Who knew sound effects where going cost so much, and this is flippin NON PROFIT well for now anyway.
This has been a great learning experience though i can to shove countless things to the side I'm still hanging in there.
with a wopping 28000+ frames to animate ALONE, its not easy. Well i'll do what i can an that's all I can do so...


2012-01-03 21:25:48 by NeoNero7

Ive been on new grounds for a while and haven't dont much and honestly Im sick of it. I wanted to be great i wanted to build an empire on my dreams so. I decided to start a series here on Newgrounds called..

A kid joins the biggest MMO on the planet, and soon finds out that simply beating the game is a tall order to fill.

Yea, Yea i know there's another Series on Newgrounds called TOME it seems like I'm ripping them off like Digimon did pokemon, well to that I say Digimon has its own identity now so why cant I. This will be the culmination of all my previous unaired work that i did for fun, and it is Inspired by what i love anime, Manga and games. I wont lie either it was TOME that gave me that Magical push to do something all my own. Since I'm a nobody here on newgrounds this will be helpful since i have no fan-base its nice to try and build one up, and people who watch will watch because it is good and not because i have a internet fame. Hopefully I'll do well enough that I can keep up with my series and not die off like things like "Fallen Angel" or the Current Faux that i have No idea were he stands on his work.

I most definitively plan on making Newgrounds my home base for this series. Blogs and stuff.
Id like to thank -

Xin - the very first Series i watched here, though i think Xin sucks it has been an inspiration.

Fallen Angel - A series that showed me greatness in just 1ep.

Brakenwood - That changed my eyes on what can be done with flash

There She Is - Something that moved me; like a series should. It had everything the big boys on DvD and TV had without dialog; it was like a OVA on to itself. One experience I will not forget.

Escape from Nirvana (EFN)- Showed me that there are people that can make Interesting and depth worthy characters and settings, though its predecessor series was heavy confusing, cliche and obscure unless you were a fan of the comics, but EFN took the redundant tournament plot ad made it into something masterfully.

Faux - Excellent in it captivation (for a flash might I add) and worthy of being something actually on TV or theater

TOME - Not TTA, TOME which showed me that pushed me off the edge. And Made me to start developing; it showed me that you CAN make a series here, a feature 20 minute one like on TV, hopefully mine can gain some grounds to stand up with the big boys.

I so want to get my episode out by February its going to be hard work! but i plan on raising the bar here too. My worry is that it will fall flat on its face.