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What is Project GUI:\\>
Project GUI:\\> Story about a universe that centers around the most popular MMO in the world and the events that take place thereof in the year XX237. The first entry in the series is called GUI:\\> BlueScreen
What is GUI:\\> BlueScreen
GUI:\\> BlueScreen
is a Anime about a player who just joins only to learn about "It's all fun in games..."

Its been a year+ since Ive started Project GUI:\\> and its really been a handful. I'd like to say thanks to all those that have been waiting patiently; but since I'm an unknown at this point in time, the only people I expect anticipating the release of the first episode, are people who I'm already close to. (not many people leave comments)
I'm not even certain if my voice actors remember this thing. Most probably think, this was a yet another dropped project that they voiced for, like all those other "promising" projects that just never came to be.
Two of my voice talent has already vanished and sadly I don't even know their "names", and to what part they own.
Its all been a blur of voices in my head these days....

Well like i said its been a Year+
A year full of procrastination, random events, laziness, late nights, adjustments, tweaks and trying to just make things work together and make sense both visually and story wise. Animation on this 20min (28000+ frames) Animation began in early July of last year (2012). Now it's 7months later and I've not even covered 3 presentable minutes of animation (complete with lip sync and backgrounds); because I've been stuck on the same scene all this time. (how disappointing)

(Below is a test screen)
I wanted pull screen shot out directly from the animation to imitate a final product, but to me it doesn't look so good. Granted that's NOT the proper background and the shading is OFF, but I believe that the final will be better.

For those of you reading this, this far; I applaud you. All this negativity needs some good news, right? Right!?
However, I'm happy to say I finally got my but in gear and am trying harder than before to produce the first episode in the series, this year. If I work hard enough I think I can get this thing done in about 3 months; or less, and since this is the first entry in the series, the first animation I've ever done on a scale like this, the first animation I've ever put on NG or any internet site for that matter, And the first TANGIBLE story I've ever set out for people to be able to view at their convenience, you'll be happy to know I've already looked into the planning of Ep2 and dabbling here and there on future episodes. Since this is the first of the first the next few episodes shouldn't take as long since I've set up a pipe line and all.
If your expectations have dropped on Project GUI:\\> because of all of those first I've informed you of. Don't loose hope, I wont have a trailer but If I'm allowed to speak about it i think it will turn out pretty decent, for a "solo" produced Anime or FANIME as i now hear it is called. (since it amateur and all that cold gravy)

I've done my home work, and I'm pleased to see this vision finally start to rise from the dust. (Not an elysian tail.... but you should buy that game, just saying)

At this time I'd like to thank

Sonic Mega {V}
KagMast3r {V}
Ali Bunny {V}
Rina (Miz) Adachi {V}
Rina-chan {V}
DanteWahou {V}
Grant K {V}
DesoloZ {M}
ShadowFox2 {M}
StaticBlu {M}

For being part of Team T7 Thanks without them I'd be lost on this project.
And I'd like to thank whoever is reading this for your support.
I look forward to release, less filler updates, and your feedback.



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