2013-09-23 19:21:15 by NeoNero7

So, I'm still working on my project and there isn't not much to show, sadly. Recently I asked someone here on NG if I could help with their backgrounds for their series. Seeing as I need the practice to help me make BG's for my own stuff, since I have no background artist of my own to help me. I showed him/her the BG work ive done for my series. They never got back to me, it kinda upset me, especially since I support their work, and a "No" would have been way less unsettling than have to wonder will he/she get back to me (then have to stalk them to see if they came on NG to know if they've been away for a while or if they've been ducking you and you have to accept they're just not gonna reply back, lol). But in spite of all that, Ive propped myself up enough to make a Facebook page and a return to the @Tokyo7usa twitter page.. the Facebook hasn't launched yet but its gonna. (Once the banner is done)

As ambitious as this project is there no denying that its tough work. This is why large Studios with 200+ people make these stupid things. I'm just one guy with a dream, I'm doing All the Animation and BG's for a 28,000+ frame episode by myself at the moment, and this is a series. No matter how simple the animation is, it no easy task. Simple, maybe; but easy nooooooooo. Which is why I have to thank all these people.
Chiplock, Saab, Adachi, Buckland, Carswell, Croft, Airdrie, Kelly, Kim, Bunny, Wells, Studevant, Zantas, Willson, and any others I may have missed.
They believed in me enough to take a chance and agree to help me. (voices, music, advisory, etc...) I really appreciate it.

So to get to my point. I wanna start making updates on the project to get people well, interested. Nothings says interest like a trailer but I don't have time for that right now. Since this is the Series launch episode, it really difficult to do cause its the first one. Having no fan base at all and wondering how it will be received while making the dang thing can kill your drive easily, so many projects die that way. Its been 2years of development and it easy to want to call it quits. Buuuuuuuuuut im still moving. So check the Twitter page occasionally for updates and progress or just notes about the upcoming series.
and um here is a WiP shot from Episode 1



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2013-09-23 21:15:06

Wow the background looks really great. I wish could draw that well. Looking forward to it

NeoNero7 responds:

Thanks, and you can too keep just practicing. Your work is good I'm like hooked on GPS.


2013-09-23 22:06:19

You drew sweet!this picture is awesome.

NeoNero7 responds:



2013-09-24 12:09:33

Looks great!