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2013-05-02 12:28:57 by NeoNero7

Broken Laptop... and the latest back up is miles behind; fun


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2013-05-02 12:35:47

: (


2013-05-15 23:41:25

Dude that sucks, it has happened to me before, and same issue about backup, I hope you manage to extract some of your GUI:\\> project from the hard disk or somewhere else... if not then remember skill is never lost so you can build whatever you dream even starting from zero.

NeoNero7 responds:

thanks, unfortunately I cant get any information from the hard disk, Its a shame i have to do a lot of things over, but yea; no skill lost. just got to keep moving


2013-05-18 20:41:32

Yes I can imagine how you feel having to go over all the hard work you already did, I also hate that, well of course nobody likes repeating stuff, good luck doing it.

Also... just trying to bring you some other ideas, have you considered making the GUI:\\> project like a game? it takes less time to complete and could be very inmersive too, well just an idea, ah and if you need to collab with someone for the coding side it would be great if you pick me =) (I would send you games I made if you think about this option for your inmediate future project)

(Updated ) NeoNero7 responds:

Actually i have very much, I want GUI:\\> to be a visual novel/Rpg but for now I want to introduce the series in animated form and continue it in other media.


2013-05-19 16:23:31

Good, I hope to see you back on the track soon, also I would like to see the GUI:\\> in many forms as you say, good luck with it =)